Missal Repair

repaired 1962 altar Missal open at Canon of the Mass

1962 altar Missal

1962 Roman Missal…for a hermit! Fr. John has been a dear friend for many years, and when he eventually retired, he decided he wanted to learn to say the Traditional Latin Mass. He was retiring to a property he’d been left by an aunt, and which he was converting into what can only be described […]

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open page of St Andrews Daily Missal needing book repair and replacement ribbons

St. Andrew’s Daily Missal

A surprisingly challenging project to replace the ribbons in this famous 1920s hand Missal, full of stunning illustrations and learned commentary Sometimes, a client’s ‘simple request’ can be fraught with hidden complexities. “It only needs the ribbons replacing, really” is what I was told, and yet, performing that task on this book would prove to be

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