A new look, a new life, for your beloved books

Whether you need book repair for an heirloom that’s seen better days, or you want a personalised copy of your favourite title, My Catholic Library can help

Every book which passes through my bindery has precious memories bound up in it as surely as it does the pages. Often the memories are more securely attached than the pages! Not just the Bibles, Missals and prayer books you’d expect, but diaries, dictionaries, and even a Victorian book about horses once. Whatever they are, I understand that they’re priceless to you whether or not they’d go for a fortune on eBay. Get in touch if you’ve got a treasured volume in need of book repair and I’ll be happy to help.

bookbinder sewing a book on four tapes on a wooden sewing frame

My book repair service can bring your worn-out treasures back to life

Do you have a book which means the world to you that you dare not pick up? Maybe it’s in an old shoe box, drawer, or Ziploc bag because it’s falling apart? Honestly, the book in the picture gallery was handed to me in a Ziploc bag, and you can read about that transformation on the blog. Rarely is a book so far gone that there’s nothing I can do. I assess the condition of your book (loose pages, torn covers, worn out ribbons etc…), and will consult with you about the work involved, what you’d like to keep from the original, and work out a firm estimate for you before I start work

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing what work is being done as a result of our consultation

Handle your cherished memories safely, due to traditional book restoration techniques.

Hand on your books to the next generation thanks to the quality materials I use

Get a book as unique as you with a personalised fine binding

Even if your book is structurally sound, you might think it deserves an upgrade…and you’d be right! This has been a very popular option for hand missals, ditching the old cloth binding for a more worthy leather cover. But whatever the book, whether you want to delight in your own one-off edition of a favourite title, or surprise a loved one with a truly exceptional gift, I can help bring your vision to life.

Become a patron of the arts by commissioning a unique piece of book art.

Express yourself with a design created just for you

Give a unique gift to the book lover in your life (even if it’s you!)

Protect your books in style with handmade book conservation boxes

Once your book’s been repaired or created, we need to make sure it stays in top condition! To that end I make a range of custom boxes to protect your book in style. Whether you require a sturdy slipcase for a book that travels with you, or an elegant ‘clamshell’ box to keep that irreplaceable family heirloom safe on the shelf, I can create a box that fits the book, and your own personal tastes. To see which kind of book box might suit your needs best, follow the link.

Protect your treasures from dust, light, and physical damage with a protective case

Delight in an objet d’art which compliments your style and the style of your book.

Give a handmade terrific value present for the book lover who has everything else!

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