Book Restoration

Book  restoration can breathe new life into your beloved books. Whether you need to repair the parish Lectionaries, your grandmother’s old hand Missal, or some other treasured book that’s seen better days, My Catholic Library completes numerous book repair projects. Get in touch and I’ll be happy to take a look.

Bible with gold cross and monogram letter

Douay Rheims Bible

Re-casing and re-colouring an important Counter-Reformation publication Book repair on the sewing frame Welcome back to On The Bench, where I show you the traditional bookbinding and book repair work I’m engaged in. At the minute, I’m working on a wide variety of projects, from resewing a dismantled book on to tapes, to making boxes […]

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Portfolio slipcase tied with ribbon, bookbinders tools in background

1941 prayer booklet repair

I dealt with mould staining, 80 year old rusty staples, and created a unique case to protect a family heirloom, written by an intriguing priest Some of the books that end up on the bench can only be described as ‘books’ if we’re being generous with that term. This is one of them, and it’s

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repaired 1962 altar Missal open at Canon of the Mass

1962 altar Missal

1962 Roman Missal…for a hermit! Fr. John has been a dear friend for many years, and when he eventually retired, he decided he wanted to learn to say the Traditional Latin Mass. He was retiring to a property he’d been left by an aunt, and which he was converting into what can only be described

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open page of St Andrews Daily Missal needing book repair and replacement ribbons

St. Andrew’s Daily Missal

A surprisingly challenging project to replace the ribbons in this famous 1920s hand Missal, full of stunning illustrations and learned commentary Sometimes, a client’s ‘simple request’ can be fraught with hidden complexities. “It only needs the ribbons replacing, really” is what I was told, and yet, performing that task on this book would prove to be

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