Whether it's a slipcase or a clamshell box, you get stylish and sturdy protection for your books

Save your library from sun bleaching, getting nibbled by pests, or dented in your bag with a handmade box that fits your book exactly

A book slipcase is ideal for protecting any well-travelled volume

Bibles, Missals, and Divine Offices are often thrown into a bag or onto a car seat as we rush out of the door to church, and frequent use means they take a fair bit of punishment. Even if it comes with a slipcase, I’ve found the mass-produced ones to be flimsy at best. You’ll immediately feel the difference in the slipcase I make for you, thanks to the sturdier construction and higher quality materials. Plus, I can customize a case to your style so it looks great, and is less likely to get left behind on the pew!

Peace of mind knowing your frequently used books are protected by a study covering

Incredible value – a cost effective way to keep beloved books in perfect condition

Customisable to match your book and style, they also make a terrific gift for book lovers

Perfect for rare or delicate books, a clamshell box offers protection and beauty

Clamshell boxes, also known as a ‘Solander box’ after its designer, are the go-to boxes for archives and libraries around the world. They offer total protection because they form a complete enclosure, so your book is safe from sun, dust, or pest damage, and even ‘shelf wear’ caused by the friction and pressure of other books. They’re also very versatile and are a great way to keep loose photographs, artwork, and other items together. Making them by hand means I can create a unique and personalised presentation for your treasured collections.

Complete protection for valuable books due to excellent design

Versatile enclosures for book, photographs, prints and other kinds of collections

A beautiful object in its own right the ‘drop back box’ has endless style possibilities

Pocket editions get extra protection thanks to a two piece slipcase

There are still plenty of pocket Missals and other smaller Catholic prayer books out there, and being less solid than full-sized editions, they require a little more care. I designed this 2 part slipcase to fully enclose more delicate books, but still allow ease of access and be a beautiful object in it’s own right. As usual, since I’m making each one from scratch, we can talk about the colour of the cloth, the decorative papers, and any personalisations you’d like before I start work.

No more worries about small books getting damaged when you take them out and about

Convenient size for bags so you don’t have to carry your smaller books by hand

Enjoy a stylish object made just for you, to your specifications and preferences

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